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Himalayan Rock Salt Tiles - Jubin Garam Batu Bukit Himalaya - 4-5 kg
Price RM50.00 - RM65.00
Product SKU P-ST-4-5
Brand Mufaddal Trader
Size (L x W x H) 2 in x 6 in x 8 in
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  • 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt handcrafted salt brick
  • Best for halotherapy and for asthma patients
  • Allows for healthy breathing when placed in your home
  • Helps your mind work more efficiently
  • Make this natural commodity a part of your residence

Himalayan Salt Bricks can and should be a greater part of our home decoration and design. Have you ever thought how nice it would be to enrich and enhance your living space with all-organic, healthy and natural home decor products? The complete kit is perfect for the interior designer in you, super easy to use and matches absolutely any interior decoration. The complete sets can be stacked both on top or side by side. Just imagine your own completed portable salt wall for thousands less than custom one.

Himalayan Salt Tiles and Bricks, when built as a room, help to keep you looking and feeling better. This helps to solve many problems that you may be experiencing, including eczema and asthma along with quite a bit more. The lists of problems that can see improvements here mostly involve breathing and the skin. These salt rooms are great for both, keeping you at full health and making medical conditions more manageable. While it is not a cure, of course, it is a great addition to your treatment methods that is safe and can do quite a bit of good for you.

• Salt Tiles and bricks can be used to build Salt Cave for Speleotherapy spa gyms and yoga rooms

• Salt therapy or Halo therapy is an alternative treatment in a salt room like in natural salt caves

• Salt therapy is effective in treating a variety respiratory disorders such as asthma & bronchitis

• Spelotherapy cave is a room having its floors and walls erected by using only Salt Bricks and Tiles

• Decorate receptions fireplaces and Sauna room with Rock Salt Tiles and Bricks

What's in the box

100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt handcrafted salt brick as per the quantity ordered.