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Bantal Panas Magnetik Elektrik Mudah Alih (Pengisian Air Garam Batu Himalaya) - Portable Electrical Magnetic Hot Pillow (Himalayan Rock Salt Water Filling)
Price RM17.99 - RM19.99
Product SKU BP-HP-1
Brand Mufaddal Trader
Size (L x W x H) 11 cm x 18 cm x 25 cm
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  • An electric water heating bag is a pouch filled and sealed with special form of gel
  • It is used to provide the warmth whilst on bed •
  • Can be used to provide heat to a specific area or part of the body.
  • Can be kept under the quilt to heat up
  • Can be used on low temperature for the purpose of massaging body parts
  • Rechargeable
  • Takes minimum 3 and maximum 8 minutes
  • Can stay warm for 2-3 hours
  • Can be carried around easily

Portable Electrical Magnetic Hot Pillow with Himalayan Salt Water Filling

There used to be a trend of filling hot water into plastic bottles and use it for medical and other purposes. With passage of time and advancement of many things, same concept is applied but this time differently. Now there are electric hot water bags or pouch. They have the same functioning only that these bags stay warmer as much as you want. As using technology, you can start the heating system of the pouch, the material stays warm. The electric hot water bag is filled with a special kind of a gel. In fact, to let the heating material safe and durable, the bag is also sealed with the same gel. You can use this bag to place it under your quilt during chilling nights.

For medical purposes, the electric heating bag is a total bliss. One can use it to achieve relief from pain. You can turn on the heat and weight till the bag gets warm to the extent you are sure your body can bear, then place the electric heated water heating bag where needed. You can use it to get relieve from foot and body pain. Electric heated water heating bag is a perfect thing for you when you are looking for high class quality reliever from muscular pains in cold climatic condition. The best part is, as the name suggests, it works on electricity so there is no hassle of pouring hot water through gas or heaters etc.

The ordinary heating bottles require water change every now and then but this item due to the special gel involved frees the user from this as well. The overall material is soft and so you can easily place under your body and even sleep or lie down to rest. It will not irritate you by any means. The electric heat bag stays warm for 2-5 hours.


The charging of electric heat bag takes only 3-10 minutes and you can use it for hours. But it is important to be cautious while using the electric plug. The product is rechargeable. With or without charge, no smell emits from the bag, thus giving another reason why to go for it? According to the specialist, this bag is perfect to get relieve from sprains, backache, joint and other types of muscular pain.

You can easily carry the bag with you for example, on way back from work, you can keep it in bag and then use it while traveling etc.

How to Use?

  • Connect th bag is ready to you once charged properly. It will work for 2-4 hours
What's in the box

- 1 x Hot Pillow

-1 x Electric Wire